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The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is a non-profit organization that develops standards for corporate reporting on material sustainability factors with particular relevance at the financial level. The SASB standards are designed to help investors understand and evaluate the financial impact of sustainability issues on companies.

The SASB standards provide a framework for companies to report material sustainability aspects of their industry that are financially relevant. They help to improve the transparency and comparability of sustainability information, which is of great importance to investors and other stakeholders.

Rules and requirements

  1. Industry-specific standards: SASB has developed standards for different industries that reflect the specific material sustainability issues of each industry.

  2. Focus on financial materiality: The SASB standards focus on sustainability issues that are likely to have a financial impact on companies.

  3. Disclosure: Companies should disclose relevant sustainability information that is material under the SASB standards.


  1. Integration into financial reporting: Companies can use the SASB standards to integrate sustainability information into their financial reporting.

  2. Consideration of stakeholder interests: By providing relevant sustainability information, companies can meet the information needs of investors and other stakeholders.

Obligations for companies

  1. Identification of material topics: Companies must identify the material sustainability issues for their industry.

  2. Provision of high-quality information: The information reported should be reliable, accurate and comparable.

  3. Regular reporting: Companies should report regularly on their sustainability performance.


  1. Data collection and management: Collecting and managing the necessary data for reporting can be a challenge, especially when internal systems and processes need to be adapted.

  2. Understanding the standards: Understanding and implementing industry-specific SASB standards can be complex.

  3. Integration into existing reporting structures: The integration of sustainability reports into existing financial reporting can present an organizational challenge.