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General advice on the subject of LkSG

LkSG? We make you fit!

Implementing the LkSG is a real challenge for those responsible in companies. A consulting day will help you set up the process in your company. You will receive information on these topics from our experts:
  • From having to to wanting to: What are the advantages of implementing the LkSG? (What disadvantages are associated with non-implementation?)
  • What risks are relevant to my company?
  • What questions do I need to ask my delivery partners?
  • How do I configure the questionnaire?
  • How are the answers to be evaluated?
  • What measures do I need to take after that?
  • Wie hoch ist der Aufwand?
  • After the screening is before the screening: LkSG as a process in the company
  • How to comply with your reporting obligation
We offer you an introduction to the topic of LkSG in the form of an individual consulting day. This consulting day will be offset against any subsequent licensing of BISS/CAIGO.

Which companies are affected by the LkSG?

The LkSG must be implemented in companies with 3,000 or more employees as early as 2023. From 2024, this will apply to companies with 1,000 or more employees, from 2025 to companies with 500 or more employees, and from 2026/2027, companies with 250 or more employees will be required to implement the LkSG in accordance with EU regulations.